Design, comfort and sustainable enjoyment!

New at the beach in Vrouwenpolder in 2022!

Sleeping at the North Sea beach is a unique experience for young and old. The beach feels like your own garden. When relaxing at your lounge set you have the greates view over the beach and sea. If it is warm, take a dip while the kids build a sandcastle. Afterwards you take a refreshing shower at 'home'.

To take this dream experience to a higher level, we have been busy developing completely new Beachhouses the past few years. We are happy to finally present them to you!

Realizing the new Beachhouses in such a unique location is quite a challenge, we are constantly looking for the ideal balance between experience, sustainability, comfort and design. 

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Breezand Beachhouses 2022

Living Downstairs, Sleeping Upstairs

The biggest change compared to the previous Beachhouses is the enormous increase of living space on the ground floor. Our Beachhouses are located on a unique part of the beach, which ensures that the sea side is beautiful, but just as beautiful and unique as the dunes at the back of the Beachhouses. 

In our current Beachhouses we see many guests enjoying their croissant or a cup of coffee on the back terrace (facing the dunes). We have designed a spacious dining area at the terrace at the back of the Beachouse. The new Beachhouse has a lot of windows, but due to the unique shape of the Beachhouse also a lot of privacy. Because of this layout, you feel the connection between the dunes and the sea.

By redesigning the frontside of the Beachouse we have been able to create a wonderful spacious beach lounge with a lot of light colours. Have a seat in a luxurious sofa of chair and enjoy the view. In the middle of the Beachhouse you can find the kitchen with all the equipment you need. Opposite the kitchen is a spacious bathroom with a toilet, shower an washbasin.

Via a staircase you walk to the first floor with 2 bedrooms. The master bedroom overlooks the dunes and the second bedroom has a beautiful panoramic view of the beach and sea. An entire sleeping experience, making it complete with box spring beds.
The new Beachhouses are suitable for 5 people.