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Waking up with the sound of the sea in the background and a wonderful view: the North Sea and the wide sands are laid out ready and waiting for you. An overnight stay on the beach at Vrouwenpolder is guaranteed to be a unique experience! Enjoy the beach life from a luxury lounge sofa on the patio.

The Beachhouses have a luxurious and modern interior, with all the comforts of home. Enjoy breakfast at this unique location or appreciate the peacefulness of the beach on a quiet morning. It’s great to be the first onto the beach early in the morning, for a refreshing dip in the sea! Or to take in a splendid sunset on a sultry summer evening. A top-class beach holiday!

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Sleeping at the wide North Sea beach is a unique experience for young and old. The beach feels liks your own garden. From your chair you look out over the beach and calming sea. When it is warm, take a dip while the kids build a sand castle. Then you shower 'at home', or you will have a drink first, plenty of time!

In order to take this dream experience to an even higher level, we have been busy developing completely new Beachhouses, we are happy to finally be able to present them to you!

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