Vrouwenpolder is an attractive village in between the Veerse Meer lake, the North Sea and the beautiful hinterland of Walcheren. The listed heritage towns of Veere and Middelburg, the lovely port city of Vlissingen and the fashionable shopping town of Domburg are all close by. And they’re all connected together by splendid cycle paths through fields, dunes and woodlands. The friendly village centre of Vrouwenpolder, situated around the church, has a diverse range of restaurants and cafes with nice patios and shops. In the centre, you will also find an excellent supermarket, a fish stall and freshly baked goods.

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With the family or just the two of you – sun, sea, beach, walks, sports and eating mussels. All with the sound of the sea in the background. Activities in Vrouwenpolder In Vrouwenpolder, you can try out a wide range of general and specific sports and water sports.

From calm to adventurously active – there’s something for everyone! Fishing, cycling, walking, horse riding, sailing on the sea, water-skiing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddling, mountain biking, diving (e.g. for lobsters), windsurfing, kitesurfing and (in the winter) kite karting, kite buggies and sand yachts. There are active, fun things to do in the friendly tourist village of Vrouwenpolder throughout the year.

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Eating out in Vrouwenpolder

The inner person mustn’t be ignored when you’re visiting Vrouwenpolder, of course. That may even be the reason why you’re visiting Vrouwenpolder... There’s a wide variety on offer, in contrast to what you might have expected from a village like this.

There is genuinely something for everyone. That includes all kinds of fish and shellfish and other seafood, naturally enough for a village right next to the North Sea and the Veerse Meer lake.

Take a look here at all the great restaurants in Vrouwenpolder and some other recommendations for the surrounding area!


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Get to know the culture and history of Zeeland

Middelburg, the capital of the province of Zeeland, is a proud and attractive city with a rich history. Lovely canal-side premises, winding alleys, a late Gothic town hall and the ‘Lange Jan’ tower – there are lots of things to admire in Middelburg.

You can easily spend a day walking around the narrow streets and along the canals of the old city centre of Middelburg. Or take a boat along the canals, because a round trip is one of the options Middelburg has on offer. Then you can treat yourself to a visit to one of the great restaurants that have Zeeland specialities on the menu. As well as the nice pubs and cafes, you can of course also make the most of the many shops that Middelburg is known for.


Lively Vlissingen with its fantastic Boulevard!

The key attractions in Vlissingen are the long Boulevard – the longest in the Netherlands – and the lovely beaches. You could almost forget that the city also has three hundred buildings that give it its typical seagoing ambience. Zeeland’s turbulent history is brought to life in the muZeeum. The latest multimedia techniques tell visitors more about shipbuilding and naval battles, flooding and fishing.


Historic Veere on the Veerse Meer lake

The historic town of Veere is a place where you can literally see history on the streets. As you wander around the streets, you will see the Schotse Huizen, where trading was done during the town’s glory days. The Grote Kerk (Great Church) is one of the town’s distinctive buildings. Its imposing dimensions show you that Veere was once a very prosperous place. The Campveer Tower is another remnant of the former town fortifications.

Veerse Meer

The historic town of Veere is on the shores of the lake called Veerse Meer. From the water, you can already see the town in the distance, with the distinctive silhouette of the Grote Kerk (Great Church). You can sail from the lake right into the harbour of Veere. The patios on the harbour give you a lovely view out over the Veerse Meer lake. On busy days, the water looks like a muddled mass of colourful sails. Many cyclists and walkers do a ‘lap around the Veerse Meer lake’, starting or ending at the town of Veere.

It is about 15 minutes by bicycle from Vrouwenpolder.


Great shopping and walks in Domburg

Domburg: the fashionable spa town and artists’ colony. The painters Piet Mondrian and Jan Toorop came especially for the coast of Walcheren, the wonderful and unusual light in Domburg. The town has been known for a long time for its healthy air and exceptional quality of light.


A rich history with more than five hundred listed buildings in and around the city!

The port town of Zierikzee has a rich history with more than five hundred listed buildings in and around the city. Back as early as the beginning of the fifteenth century, Zierikzee had an impressive silhouette with walls, gates, churches, towers and windmills. A lot of that can still be seen today.

Zierikzee is a small city with a grand history, and you can still see that nowadays. There are over five hundred listed buildings in and around the compact town centre. That puts Zierikzee firmly in the top ten cities for heritage buildings in the Netherlands. You can easily spend a couple of hours here wandering around, marvelling at the squares, alleyways, old city harbours and imposing facades. Combined with the shops and the cosy patios, this makes Zierikzee a super destination for a day out shopping and sniffing out bargains, or just for a weekend away.

The city harbour of Zierikzee

The harbour played an important role in Zierikzee for centuries. The town made money from both trading and fishing. When you visit Zierikzee, a look around the harbour is something you mustn’t miss. You can walk past it, sit down at a patio cafe, or find out a little more about the history at Museumhaven Zeeland. You will find traditional flat-bottomed Zeeland boats here as well as other vessels, and you can also take a round trip. You get to learn not only about the history of Zierikzee but also about Zeeland’s shipping as a whole.