Sustainability fits very neatly into the profile and aims of Breezand Vakanties. In addition to comfort, luxury and quality, guests are increasingly keen on sustainability.

Our guests come to the accommodations for the beautiful surroundings and the soothing tranquility. This unique environment must be well maintained and cherished with respect. Breezand Vakanties advises and motivates the private owners of the rental accommodation to make energy- and heat-saving and energy-generating investments in their house or apartment. This currently results in six energy-efficient group houses without a gas meter and about twenty houses with solar panels for heat and/or energy generation.
The high insulation and ventilation values ​​in the building and the use of intelligent systems such as cold and heat storage, solar panels and lighting sensors contribute to the quality of life and comfort in the suites and public areas.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility – i.e. not concentrating purely on profits but also focusing on people and on the environment – is a core principle for Breezand Vakanties. We would like to tell you how that is expressed in our business operations.

Gasless Duinhotel with comfort, luxury and sustainability

The reception building will shortly offer its guests the best possible comfort and quality. To make this possible, the builders have used the latest technology for the installed systems to minimize energy consumption as far as possible and to ensure the smallest possible ecological footprint.

As well as making the building stand out, its sustainable nature also has benefits during its operational life. Key savings come from the energy-efficient construction and the design of the premises. Good insulation in the building and the use of intelligent systems (such as heat and cold storage, solar panels and lighting sensors) all help lower the energy bills. In addition, the costs can be cut further by energy-efficient equipment and lighting. At the operational level, there are numerous opportunities for working both more sustainably and more cost-effectively. We want the reception building to stand out thanks to its many facilities, the lowest possible emissions and the highest possible GRP score – all combined with optimum comfort and a living environment for our guests.

We purchase green electricity

We are affiliated to ENGIE. ENGIE always supplies positive energy from solar, wind, hydroelectric and local biomass sources. These come from the Netherlands in particular, where we have chosen solar, wind and hydroelectric power. ENGIE has direct contacts with sustainable energy producers in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. We have our own ‘green certificate’ and you can monitor the consumption at our reception complex live from the reception area.

Sustainable heating and cooling system in your Suite

All the suites at our Duinhotel have the latest VRF systems, a complete climate control system for cooling and heating that allows the rooms to be controlled individually, combining a high level of comfort with low energy consumption.

Responsible and luxurious breakfast

The exceptionally wide-ranging breakfast buffet in Brasserie Dune contains not only Fair Trade products but also fresh dairy products from the local farms, including fresh milk daily.

Solar panels for every Beachhouses

All beachhouses are fitted with solar panels; a calculation was done to make sure that the right number of panels were installed to provide enough energy for the overnight beach cottages plus a large proportion of the consumption of our neighbour on the beach, De DAM restaurant.